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SpacePrime Time Rate
(Friday or Saturday
Non-Prime Time Rate
Lions Hall (large)$650.00 or $115.00/hr$400.00 or $90.00/hr421 capacity
Small Hall$250.00 or 75.00/hr$150.00 or $50.00/hr118 capacity
Both Halls$750.00 or $140.00/hr$450.00 or $115.00/hr539 capacity
PRE-SET UP$400.00 All day rate (Starts at 9:00am) to secure the facility for pre-set up of events
$200.00 rate after 7:00pm to secure the facility for pre-set up of events
Kitchen Rental$15.00 per hour
Curling Lounge$300.00 or $75.00/hr$150.00 or $35.00/hr163 capacity
Curling Rink Area (off season Apr.-Sept.)


Special Rate


FuneralNon-Prime Time RateMay book large hall or both large and small halls.
Community Event$250.00 Community Event "Sponsorship" Rate
‚Äčeg. Xmas tree lighting, Blood Donor Clinic, Polar Bare Dare, etc.
Application must be submitted to and approved by the Board.  A special criteria must be met in order to qualify for this rate. Community Event Sponsorship Application Form.(click here)
Special Events & Fundraisers25% Reduction off the prime time facility rate.Application must be submitted to and approved by the Board.  A special criteria must be met in order to qualify for this rate. Special Events & Fundraisers Reduced Rate  Application Form. (click here)
Ongoing Meetings$35.00/hr for ongoing meetings with annual contractLocation determined by size of the group and availability of space.
Weddings, Wedding Socials & Bridal ShowersFree space for bridal shower or gift openingBook your wedding and your social with us to receive free bridal shower or gift opening space.
Multiple Day Bookings20% discountTake 20% off your daily rate for each consecutive day after the first (ie. 2nd,3rd, 4th days).  This discount does not apply if you have already received a discounted rate.

Available Services



Set up and/or take down of tables & chairs$20.00/per each man hourPut the Centre in charge of table set up and/or take down for a low cost.
Bartender Services$15.00/hour/bartenderCertified bartenders are mandatory in all functions where liquor is involved.  Two bartenders are needed for functions with up to 300 people.  Three bartenders are required for more than 300 people.  The Centre coordinates trained and licensed bartenders for you.  Bartenders are paid by the renter at the end of their shift.
Bar Supplies- 14oz beer cups @$0.15/each
- Liquor cups @ $0.12/each
- Ice @ $3.00/bag
Let the Centre supply bar supplies for you.  This must be coordinated at least 2 weeks in advance of your function.
BAR POP - 2 Litre Bottles of PEPSI Co. Products are stocked and is Manditory$2.500 per 2 litre bottlePepsi, diet Pepsi, Ginger Ale, 7Up, Tonic Water, Club Soda will be stocked.
Cordless Microphone$20.00 per dayUse of Cordless Microphone
Kitchen Supplies - Place setting $1.50/each
 - Wine glasses @$ 0.50/each
Place settings (fork, knife, spoon, plate and mug) and wine glasses are available to rent.  Dishwashing is the responsibility of the renter.  Renter is responsible for breakage.
Coffee Services$12.50/pot (small pot system) or
$1.00/cup (30 or 100 cup system)
Includes coffee maker, coffee, styrofoam cups, sugar and coffee whitener.
Wristbands$0.10 eachWristbands are required for all liquor related functions.
Security ( Mandatory for all "occasional permits")Price is dependant on number of guards & hours security is hired to work the event
Security is required for all liquor related functions with the exception of weddings.  The Centre hires security that is accredited with the appropriate certification and charges the Lessee for all actual costs.  Liquor and Gaming Assoc. (LGA) states on all occasional permits that there be 1 security guard per every 75 patrons.  ie.  if an occasional permit is taken out for the full capacity of the hall which is 539, the 7 security personnel are to be coordinated.  As per the LdB Community Centre Policy states, SOCIALS require that we hire a bonded, licensed Security company at our discretion.