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Rental Policies and Procedures

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Lac du Bonnet


  1. The Lessee must adhere to all Manitoba Liquor Laws. Any breach of these rules will result in immediate termination of the rental agreement. The Lessee and all guests must vacate the premises immediately. Full rental fees will still apply.
  2. Bottles of pop (PEPSI Co. Products)will be provided and is mandatory for all functions at the expense of the Lessee. Lessee is charged for all open bottles. Available 2 litre bottles includes Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, 7-UP and Ginger Ale, Tonic Water and Club Soda
  3. Orange Juice, Clamato Juice, etc. are the responsibility of the Lessee.
  4. Ice and plastic glasses are available to purchase by the Lessee.
  5. Homemade beer and wine are not permitted in the hall.
  6. Licensed bartenders are mandatory for all functions involving liquor. A minimum of two bartenders is required for functions with 150-299 patrons; over 300 patrons would require three bartenders. The Centre will coordinate bartenders for Lessee. Bartenders are to be paid in cash by the Lessee at close of function or end of bartender's shift
  7. The portable bar is available for use only with a licensed bartender that has been trained on the operations of the portable bar.
  8. It is the Lessee's responsibility to check age identification of all guests at all liquor related functions.
  9. Photo identification is required for all guests where liquor is being served.
  10. Wristbands are to be provided by the Lessee to guests in liquor related functions with the exception of weddings and private functions. Wristbands must be a worn by anyone who wants to purchase liquor. Guests not wearing a wristband will not be served alcohol. Wristbands can be purchased from the Centre.
  11. Minors are not permitted to drink liquor of any kind. Manitoba Liquor Control Commission and the Lac du Bonnet Community Centre enforce this law.
  12. Manitoba Liquor Laws state that No patron can be in possession of more than two containers of liquor, whether they are full or partially full, at any one time (The maximum serving of spirits, wine, beer, cider or coolers per person at any one time is: 3 oz of spirits, 17.6oz of wine, 26.4 oz of beer, cider or coolers.).
  13. It is the Lessee's responsibility to advise bartenders of colour of wristband and color of liquor tickets.
  14. Liquor is to remain in the area(s) rented only. Bartender supervisor is authorized to check if liquor is being taken out of hall.\
  15. Bottled beer must be poured into plastic cups by the bartenders. Beer cans do not have to be poured, but must be opened and empty cans must be picked up regularly by Lessee using the garbage cans on wheels.


  1. A damage deposit is required for all liquor related bookings and must be received 14 days prior to rental date.
  2. The Lessee is required to do a walk through of the facility with a Centre representative both before and after the function to assess damages.   A Hall Rental Damage Report will be completed with Lessee by the Head Bartender/Centre representative at the end of the function.  If damage has occurred, an estimate will be completed by the Centre with results communicated to the Lessee. Damage expenses are the responsibility of the Lessee.  Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice.


  1. Security is necessary for all events that involve liquor with the exception of weddings or private functions where security is optional.
  2. Security is an additional responsibility/cost to the Lessee. The Centre will hire security services and bill the Lessee for actual costs. Liquor & Gaming Authority (LGA) states ALL occasional permits that there is 1 security guard per every 75 patrons.
  3. Security is there to assist the Lessee in checking underage patrons, to patrol for underage drinking and passing of alcoholic drinks, sneaking of liquor into event, and to help prevent arguments or fights (verbal or physical).


  • Anyone caught fighting, creating a disturbance or doing willful damage in the Lac du Bonnet Community Centre will be evicted immediately.


  • The Non-Smokers Protection Act which took effect October 1, 2004 prohibits smoking in enclosed places. It is the Lessee's responsibility to ensure their guests refrain from smoking anywhere inside the Centre during their rental event.


  • The Lessee is responsible for setting up their own tables and chairs unless alternate arrangements are negotiated with the Centre S
  • Setup is usually done early on the rental date. If you want to ensure a pre-day set up time you must book the hall in advance at the pre-setup rate. (See rental rates).


  • Confetti is not permitted.
  • Decorations to be installed must be pre-approved by a Centre Director or staff member.
  • Putty adhesive "Holdit" may be used to apply decorations to walls. Other putty adhesives are NOT to be used.
  • Hay bales are not permitted due to fire hazard.


  • All candles (tea lights included) must have fireproof protection underneath the candle i.e. glass or ceramic to prevent damage to table tops.


  • For silent auctions/raffles where liquor is a prize, the bottle can be displayed inside the facility.  The bottles themselves just CAN NOT be opened and/or consumed at the function as per Liquor & Gaming Authority Rules.


  • The Community Centre has a kitchen licensed by the Health Department. At functions where the food is sold or is part of the cost of a ticket, all foods MUST be prepared and cooked in a licensed kitchen. Food CANNOT be cooked in a person's home.


  • Tables are to be wiped and left out. Spills on chairs should be wiped and then chairs should be stacked in piles of 10 next to the tables. Please do not drag chairs.
  • It is the Lessee's responsibility to ensure table cleanup is continued throughout the event including removal of glasses, paper plates, garbage, etc. Garbage cans and bags are provided by the Centre. Do not drag garbage cans across the floor, please carry. All garbage is to be placed in bags supplied by the Centre and placed outside the Lions Hall (large) west exit inside the blue metal refuse container outside.
  • Recyclables (cardboard, glass, plastic) are to be deposited in the wooden recycle bin located next to the blue metal refuse container. Please break cardboard boxes down.
  • At the end of the function, garbage must be swept up off the floor and all spills should be mopped. All garbage bags are to be put in refuse bin outside the large hall on the west side.
  • Excess liquor to be dumped into pails provided and appropriately disposed of by individuals 18 years or older.
  • Lessee is responsible to clean up spills on the floor including the washroom. A mop and pail will be provided and must be emptied in the janitor's closet. It is the Lessee's (not the bartender's) responsibility to clean up after patron has been ill.
  • All Lessee's decorations must be removed at the end of the function.
  • Open and unused liquor to be removed from the Centre at the end of the function. Empty beer bottles may be picked up on the next day if access to the Centre was arranged prior to the start of the event.
  • All personal property belonging to the Lessee should be removed from the facility at the end of the function.
  • Kitchen supplies, appliances, counters, sinks, etc. used by the Lessee must be cleaned at the end of the function.It is the Lessee's responsibility to ensure that the hall has been cleaned as specified above. If areas are not cleaned as specified, the Lessee will be charged for cleaning services at the table & chair set-up/clean-up rate.
  • Centre clean up services are available and can be arranged for prior to your rental. This cleanup service entails wiping and stacking of chairs; wiping of tables; sweeping and washing of floors due to spillage and removing of garbage. It remains the Lessee's responsibility to remove liquor from tables and building when using their own liquor permit.


  • The booking deposit is required within two weeks of your reservation in order to hold the booking date(s).  The booking deposit is non-refundable should the date be cancelled after the contract is signed by both parties.
  • Scheduling for any “Tentative” rental will be accepted and noted on the Rental Schedule as tentative.  This applies for renters seeking a back-up location for an event; renters saving a potential date; etc.  Should the Lessor have an opportunity to rent the same date to another party, the tentative party will be given first right to secure the date formally with the Lessor.  Upon notice, the tentative renter will be given 48 hours to enter into a Lease Agreement and pay the applicable booking deposit.  If the tentative renter notifies the Lessor they no longer require the rental space on the given date, or if the tentative renter does not respond within the 48 hour time limit, the Lessor will contact the second party to offer the rental space and to make arrangements for the booking.  In addition, the Lessor will provide written notification of their actions to the tentative renter.
  • The damage deposit is required for all liquor related functions and is to be paid 14 days prior to booking date.
  • Additional charges such as premix, glasses, ice, etc. is calculated at the end of the function and added to the hall rental invoice. Additional charges will follow the rates that are in effect on the date of the function.
  • Any amount owing for damage will be included on the Lessee's bill.
  • The damage deposit and booking deposit will be deducted from the hall rental balance owing and will be noted on the invoice.
  • Payment of all hall rental costs is to be paid upon receipt of invoice. The hall rental fee will follow the rates that are in effect on the date the rental agreement is signed.
  • Where applicable, refunds will be forwarded within five business days following the rental date.
  • Bartenders are to be paid in cash by the Lessee at close of function or end of bartender's shift.


It is the responsibility of the Lessee to obtain liability insurance for their function, volunteers and guests. The Community Centre holds liability insurance for the building and bartenders only.


The Centre encourages community groups to host their community events at the Centre. The Centre will become a sponsor for your community event by providing the lowest rental rate possible (cost recovery). All we ask is that you promote the Centre as a sponsor to your community event and MUST provide Proof of Community Centre Sponsorship ie. named on poster or promotional material and If your event fits the following criteria, ask about our community event rate and sponsorship form.

  • A public event that is open to everyone of all ages to attend.
  • No admission fee is being charged through the door or tickets
  • Is not for profit or gain of a business, organization or person.
  • Benefits the community.
  • Brings community people together.

 Organizations must submit a Community Event Sponsorship Form that will be reviewed by the Centre.


The Centre would like to make hosting events more affordable to groups that are fundraising for a cause/initiative or who are just trying to create affordable social opportunities for the Community.  As such, the Lac du Bonnet Community Centre has implemented a "reduced rate" system which entitles groups fitting the criteria outlined below a 25% reduction off the primetime rate.

The user group must provide the Centre with some information about your event by completing the Reduced Rate application form below.  For your event to be considered for the "reduced rate" it must meet the following criteria and MUST provide Proof of Community Centre Sponsorship ie. named on poster or promotional material.

  • A public event that is advertised and open to the public to attend
  • Benefits the community
  • Brings community people together

Any revenue made from the event must be used for:

  1.  recouping event costs
  2. future community initiatives or
  3. a charitable cause that will have a positive benefit to the community

Organizations must submit a "Reduced Rate Event Form" that will be reviewed by the Centre.