Hall Rentals.....

Lac du Bonnet

Rates and fees shown  do not include taxes.

Prime Time rates and fees are for rentals occurring from Friday to Saturday.

Non-prime Time rates and fees are for rentals occurring from Sunday to Thursday.

Special rates and fees are available for certain occasions.
Rates include: - Tables & chairs - Space - Use of bar space - Use of kitchen space and main appliances - Portable screen - Podium  Stage - Sound system (cordless microphone not included)

Extra services are available at cost (see Service section below).

To hold your booking date, we require a booking deposit of $200 for all rentals, such as Socials, Weddings, Banquets, Fundraisers etc, that is due within two weeks of your booking reservation.

A damage deposit of $500 is required for all liquor related bookings and must be received 14 days prior to rental date.

Table and chair set up is the responsibility of the lessee unless other arrangements are negotiated. A reasonable amount of clean up is required of the lessee.

Please see the corresponding Rental Policies and Procedures document for more detailed information.

Contact 1.204.345.6737

"Where community meets"

Community Centre

The Centre encourages community groups to host their community events at the Centre. The Centre will become a sponsor for your community event by providing the lowest rental rate possible (cost recovery). All we ask is that you promote the Centre as a sponsor to your community event and MUST provide Proof of Community Centre Sponsorship ie. named on poster or promotional material and If your event fits the following criteria, ask about our community event rate and sponsorship form.

  • A public event that is open to everyone of all ages to attend.
  • No admission fee is being charged through the door or tickets
  • Is not for profit or gain of a business, organization or person.
  • Benefits the community.
  • Brings community people together.

Organizations must submit a Community Event Sponsorship Form that will be reviewed by the Centre.

The Centre would like to make hosting events more affordable to groups that are fundraising for a cause/initiative or who are just trying to create affordable social opportunities for the Community.  As such, the Lac du Bonnet Community Centre has implemented a "reduced rate" system which entitles groups fitting the criteria outlined below a 25% reduction off the primetime rate.

The user group must provide the Centre with some information about your event by completing the Reduced Rate application form below.  For your event to be considered for the "reduced rate" it must meet the following criteria and MUST provide Proof of Community Centre Sponsorship ie. named on poster or promotional material.

  • A public event that is advertised and open to the public to attend
  • Benefits the community
  • Brings community people together

Any revenue made from the event must be used for:

  •  recouping event costs
  • future community initiatives or
  • a charitable cause that will have a positive benefit to the community

Organizations must submit a "Reduced Rate Event Form" that will be reviewed by the Centre.